Administration & Maintenance
Office Hours and Contact Information
Administrative Office Hours:
7:00 am — 11:00 am M-F; Closed Saturday, Sunday, and holidays
Office number, 602-246-4641
Maintenance Staff Hours:
Summer: 6:00 am — 2:00 pm M-F; Off Saturday, Sunday, and holidays
Winter: 7:00 am — 3:00 pm M-F; Off Saturday, Sunday, and holidays
Direct staff mobile phone numbers:
Tom Drisler............602-316-0419
George Pavia.........602-339-4019 (weekdays ONLY)
  • Please use the Contact Us page or telephone numbers above, to notify Maintenance of sprinkler head damage, graffiti, security light outages, or other maintenance problems related to the grounds or exteriors of the complex.
  • Please see FAQ's for answers to a wide variety of Frequently Asked Questions about Maintenance.
  • Please contact Casa Fiesta's Administrative Manager, George Pavia, for any concerns about your maintenance fee payments, or other accounting questions.
  • Notary Public services are available without cost to any association member. Notary services are available at the corporate office during regular business hours or by appointment.
Administrative Manager and Maintenance Manager
As of 2022, Casa Fiesta's day-to-day affairs are conducted by an Administrative Manager (George Pavia), and a Maintenance Manager (Tom Drisler, acting). The managers' respective duties and responsibilities are described below.
The Administrative Manager performs functions that include maintenance fees collections, bills payment, human resources coordination and document management, staff payroll data entry, staff leave tracking, budget preparation, banking, coordination of blanket insurance, attorney communications, offsite owner mailings, elections processes, annual and monthly meeting preparation, sales liaison with title entities and new buyers, and other work required for the orderly execution of the business of the Casa Fiesta Townhouses Association. The Administrative Manager also attends board meetings, implements board directives, enforces Casa Fiesta's policies and rules, and performs other clerical and administrative duties as outlined in the strategic plan or assigned by the board. 
The Maintenance Manager plans and supervises the maintenance of the common grounds, and all exteriors and roofs of the townhouse units, including mowing the grass, caring for the grounds, the sprinkler system, sewer system, swimming pool, clubhouse, and carports.  The Maintenance Manager oversees companies providing trash collection, supplies purchasing, expenses tracking against budgetary compliance, equipment maintenance, maintenance staff assignments and performance evaluation, outside pest control, water, and other utilities, in addition to other duties as outlined in the strategic plan or assigned by the board. The Maintenance Manager also directs the maintenance staff, and enforces Casa Fiesta's policies and rules.
Maintenance Staff
Carl Hawkins
Travis Milke
Staff Reporting
See the Casa Fiesta NEWS for monthly highlights of administration and maintenance reporting, found on the Documents page.