Lot/Unit Sales Information
Casa Fiesta Townhouses Listed for Sale
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Title Search / Demand Letter Information
Casa Fiesta's administrative management office will make every attempt to process a title search / demand letter weekdays within 24 hours of receipt. All demand letter forms should be emailed to grpavia.cftc@gmail.com.
In order to process a demand letter, ALL of the following required items with respect to a prospective townhouse buyer MUST be included in the demand letter introduction:
  • Buyer's full name
  • Current mailing address at time of submission
  • Current email
  • Current telephone number(s)
A title search / escrow officer may anticipate the following items in a demand letter returned by Casa Fiesta's administrative office:
  • Monthly assessment (association dues) amount of $228 due the first of each month in 2024.
  • Annual assessment period runs January through December.
  • Assessment is past due after the last day of each month.
  • Late fee for past due assessments = $15
  • Disclosure fee = $200
  • Transfer fee = $200
  • Requirement of a county-recorded warranty deed upon close of escrow
  • A current statement of account for the targeted townhouse. Any outstanding balance must be cleared by close of sale escrow.
  • Notice of blanket hazard insurance* with Arden Insurance Services and United States Liability Insurance for the current year, a pro rata share assessed each year in June.
  • A sample insurance certificate
  • A sample additional information sheet
  • A statement of pending association litigation (if any)
  • A statement of whether the property has any open violations and associated fines.
  • A statement that buyer approval is not required by the association.
  • Disclosure of association correspondence address and office telephone number.
  • Any other information requested in the demand letter that the association is able to disclose.
New Member Packet
Approximately five business days after Casa Fiesta administration returns a completed demand letter to the title agency, Casa Fiesta will send via certified mail / return receipt a new member packet to the prospective buyer. The new member packet will contain all association documentation required under A.R.S. § 33-1806(A). The association anticipates the new member to complete the buyer's contract acknowledgment document and return it to the association's administrative office by a self-addressed stamped envelope included in the new member packet.
*Blanket hazard insurance is an annual assessment required under Article XI of Casa Fiesta's Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions document.