Adjudication & Enforcement
Quality of Life at Casa Fiesta
To enhance the quality of life for all residents of Casa Fiesta, and by acceptance of a deed or by acquiring any interest in property at Casa Fiesta, the owners (and tenants) bind themselves to all provisions contained in the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions). To this end, homeowners and tenants are responsible for knowing and following the rules and policies of Casa Fiesta. See Policies and Rules on the Documents page.
Adjudication and Enforcement Policy
The Adjudication and Enforcement Policy was drafted in 1986, and revised in 2003, for the purpose of giving all Casa Fiesta residents a systematic method of correcting actions, events, and situations caused by those residents who are in violation of governing documents, policies, and rules and to give the accused a fair hearing and an appeal process when he/she disputes a finding of violation. The procedures set forth in the Policy standardize the enforcement procedure for all homeowners and tenants.
The procedures are comprised of the following elements: a Complaint, an Objection to the Complaint, Fact-finding and Adjudication, and an Appeal. A helpful Summary and Flowchart of the Adjudication and Enforcement Policy are available on the Documents page under Policies and Rules -- Adjudication & Enforcement. 
Following the procedures of the policy, any homeowner, tenant, board member, or board agent may file a written, signed Complaint with the Adjudication and Enforcement Officer. If a resident has a complaint, the only way to get it addressed is by filing a properly written complaint as described in the Adjudication and Enforcement Policy. Exceptions to the signed complaint rule, applicable only to board members or board agents, exist in the case of Emergencies.  If desired, this Complaint Form or this Complaint Form II may be used.
Adjudication and Enforcement Officer
Board Member John Krein serves as Casa Fiesta's Adjudication and Enforcement Officer.  Written complaints may be sent to him via the clubhouse drop box or attached through the Contact Us page.
Monthly Adjudication and Enforcement Reports
See the Casa Fiesta NEWS for monthly Adjudication and Enforcement Reports, found on the Documents page.
Fines Policy
Violations of governing documents, policies, and rules result in penalties as detailed below. See Documents -- Policies & Rules-- Fines
1st violation Warning (with emergency exceptions)
2nd violation $65.00
3rd violation $80.00
Subsequent violations
Categorized Fines: (These fines may be applied for a first offense)  
Appurtenance: Failure to obtain board approval of variance $250.00
Swimming pool violation: affixing locking access gate in open position $250.00
Dumpster no parking zone violation on trash pick-up days $150.00
Closed Inflatable Trampoline (aka bounce house) on CF property prohibited by association policy $150.00
Commercial dumping violation $500.00
Illegal dumping violation $300.00