Although AZ Stay-At-Home Guidelines are no longer in force, the webmaster is keeping this page open in case such guidelines must be reinstituted at a future date. 
AZ Stay-At-Home Guidelines for CF
  1. Open CF Board Meetings resume July 23, subject to COVID-19 Guidelines: face coverings, 6-foot social distancing, hand sanitizer at entry. Note: As of September 17, Board Meetings will meet online via ZOOM. See ZOOM page on website for instructions.
  2. Grounds maintenance and routine business will continue as usual, defined as essential services under the governor's order.
  3. The Casa Fiesta office and workshop are closed to in-person traffic. Communication must strictly be by telephone or email.
  4. There are to be no parties or large gatherings on common grounds.
  5. Parents are advised to keep their children at home; away from the swings, playscape, or other larger group play activities.
  6. Social distancing (six-foot distance or greater) should be maintained by persons using common grounds.
  7. See IMPORTANT Modified Opening Provisions for CF Pool during COVID-19
  8. Publication of an abbreviated monthly Casa Fiesta Newsletter will continue. 
While we are not able to maintain strict enforcement of the common-area restrictions, we are pleading for uniform compliance for the health and safety of everyone in our complex.
Important Letter to CF Homeowners and Residents
Dear fellow Casa Fiesta association members and their lessees,
Recognizing how financially difficult current economic conditions may be for your families, your directors and staff at Casa Fiesta come to you hoping you will make every effort to remain current in payment of your monthly association fees.
The reason that our appeal to you is so vital is because Casa Fiesta is a non-profit corporation. This means that we cannot expect to receive any federal or state assistance through the present crises. We depend solely on our members for us to be able to meet our monthly obligations that keep the association operative. Among our indispensable monthly payables are costs such as: staff payroll, Phoenix city water and sewage, trash pickup, professional legal and financial services, to mention just the bare-bones basics.
Personally, payment of my association fee is always on my first tier of monthly payables along with mortgage (rent), utilities, and groceries.
My fellow directors, staff, and I hope that you will keep your monthly association payment as high a priority as possible.
Sincerely in your service,
Tom Drisler
President, Board of Directors