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REMEMBER: Monthly Maintenance Fees INCREASE from $210.00 to $228.00 on January 1, 2024 Be sure to notify your bank promptly of the change, if you use Direct Pay or a similar payment method.
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     Casa Fiesta Townhouses Corporation, with its wide-open spaces, mature trees, and large swimming pool, is a hidden gem right in the heart of Phoenix,
near both the light rail and I-17. We hope you will like living here as much as we do.
     Please read the Welcome New Casa Fiesta Residents for helpful information.
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     If you are, be sure to carefully read and follow the relevant policies and utilize the helpful forms provided on the Casa Fiesta website’s Appurtenance page, which introduces and explains the policies, including those addressing patio fences and gates. Here’s the first paragraph quoted directly from that section of the Appurtenance page:
     “To gain control over the proliferation of rear patio fences & gates, many not "in conformity and harmony of external design" with existing structures of Casa Fiesta, and many not approved by the Board, the Board unanimously approved the Architectural Control: Patio Fences (& Gates) policy in November of 2014. Homeowners contemplating changing their patio fence and gate must follow this policy."  
     The policy was adopted in 2014 with the intent of slowly, but deliberately, providing guidelines that would, over the years, as people replace their fences and gates, bring “harmony” to the clutter of gate designs in the complex. Slowly, but deliberately, the policy is working. Since 2014, as listed in the Board Meeting Highlights printed in every Casa Fiesta NEWS (and available on the Documents page of the CF website) approximately 16 patio fence and gate replacement requests have been approved.
    Here, briefly, are the basic requirements of the 2014 policy:
          Height:      The fence/gate may be either 5’ or 6’; the 6’ shed fence remains at 6’.
          Fence Materials:   Materials may be either chain link, wrought iron, or block wall.
          Privacy shielding for wrought iron must be composite. Wood privacy shielding is prohibited because wood begins deteriorating (darkening) soon after installation.
          Color: Off-white/crème/almond color scheme, with one exception: The CF Architectural committee has approved the color matching Fiberon’s Rustic Redwood as the only color approved for composite privacy shielding for wrought iron. 
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ALERT: Thieves targeting package deliveries at Casa Fiesta!! Try:
  • Receiving deliveries over LOCKED patio fence.
  • Directing UPS and FEDEX online for desired delivery locations and delivery alerts 
  • Put a sign on your mailbox directing USPS to deliver packages over LOCKED patio fence
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Do Not “Buy” Homeowner Water Service Insurance!

Casa Fiesta is responsible for, and makes any needed repairs to, water service lines that deliver water to CF units that connect from the City of Phoenix.  The City is responsible for making repairs to City water service lines that connect to CF’s water service lines.  Homeowners, Beware of mailers you receive that attempt to get you to buy individual homeowner water service insurance.  You do NOT need this insurance.