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Board of Directors Meetings
Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Casa Fiesta Clubhouse. Meetings are open to Casa Fiesta homeowners.
Purpose: During meetings, the Board of Directors makes decisions on behalf of the Casa Fiesta Homeowners’ Association and addresses items such as financial reports, minutes, contracts, proposals for Board action, etc. Board of Directors' meetings are not "town hall" meetings, but in contrast, are deliberative, business meetings of the Board, guided by an agenda.

Agenda: Only matters on the agenda are addressed. The agenda is published and provided to owners prior to each monthly meeting so that everyone has adequate notice of, and time to prepare for, addressing agenda items.
If an owner wishes the President to add an item to the agenda, the owner must: prior to the first of the month submit a written request and explanation and either place it in the townhouse drop box, or utilize the Contact Us page, (see HOA Member Request for Board Action, below).
Supporting documents for the next regular board meeting scheduled for 1/19: Live meeting in the Casa Fiesta clubhouse lounge room

Right of HOA Members (Homeowners) to Speak on Action Items on the Agenda: Under A.R.S. §§ 33-1248(A), 38-431.01(G), and the board’s policy Implementing Qualified Statutory Right of HOA Member to Speak (09-16-04), the board shall provide reasonable time of 1.5 minutes for an individual association member or a designated representative to speak in favor or against any item noticed on the board’s agenda for action at this meeting. Total speaking time for all speakers combined shall not exceed ten minutes unless extended by the Board. A speaker is asked to identify themselves by name and residential lot number for the meeting minutes.
HOA Member Request for Board Action: At times a homeowner may have a request or proposal that owner wishes the Board of Directors to consider. If a homeowner has such a request or proposal, the homeowner must follow the process required in the board's policy Owner's Request for Board Action Policy (12-16-04).
Board Meeting Highlights are published in the monthly Casa Fiesta NEWS, found on the Documents page.
Board Member Responsibilities:  Any homeowner in good standing (owing no fees or fines) is encouraged to serve as a Casa Fiesta board member.  Elections are held every February for either 3, or 4, of the 7 board seats.  To help you decide if you are interested in serving — here is a list of just a part of what each board member makes a commitment to do:
  • Attend all board meetings and prepare in advance by studying the agenda and meeting-related materials
  • Become familiar with the governing documents, the rules and regulations, and other policies
  • Positively and professionally communicate with the board and with the Casa Fiesta community
  • Preserve and enhance the value of Casa Fiesta property
  • Prudently oversee the annual budget, the collections of fees, and the spending of Casa Fiesta monies
  • Openly and fairly decide on matters before the board
  • Serve the interests of the entire Casa Fiesta community