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Appurtenances (Additions or Alterations)
  • What are the Architectural Standards for Fences and Gates?
    The Architectural Standards -- Fences & Gates -- Policy was formally approved by the CF Board on November 20, 2014.  Be sure to acquaint yourself with this policy when considering replacement of your fence and gate.  For a complete explanation, links to other relevant policies, links to required forms, and photos of compliant fences, see the Appurtenances page.  Also see the information on City Permits provided under Community Links.
  • What do I do if I want to replace my front door?
    All the information and documents you need are provided on the Appurtenances page of the website. You will need to submit a request to the Board as per the policy entitled: Residential Appurtenance Governing Provisions. The Appurtenance Request Requirements Checklist will assist you with this process.  Remember that any appurtenances are required by the CC&R's to be "in conformity and harmony of external design" with existing structures of Casa Fiesta. Currently, doors in Casa Fiesta are "Tobacco Brown" in color. In addition, they are arranged in a 6-panel design. 
  • What does Casa Fiesta need from me so I can install a security door, or replace an arcadia door, fence, or window?
    Because security doors, fences, gates, Arcadia doors, and windows are "appurtenances", (i.e. "any exterior fixed object attached or installed to a privately owned Casa Fiesta Townhouse property that alters the property's original design or structure"), then the homeowner must write an Appurtenance Request as described in the Appurtenance Policy and submit it to the Board prior to the first of the month, for approval at the upcoming Board Meeting.  For a complete explanation, see the Appurtenances page.   Also see the information on City Building Permits provided under Community Links.

Casa Fiesta NEWS
  • Can I contribute an article to the CF NEWS?
    Yes, CF homeowners and residents are invited to contribute an article (or articles) to the Casa Fiesta NEWS.   Readers would like to learn more about any number of things from other perspectives.  For example, how about articles on:
    1. Good news about nearby restaurants and businesses.
    2. Special places to go and see and fun things to do in the area.
    3. Community learning opportunities for children and adults
    4. Something good about living in Casa Fiesta.  Or how to make life better here at Casa Fiesta.  Or something humorous about Casa Fiesta.  Remember the cow at Casa Fiesta?  You get the idea. 
    Topics would be limited in only these ways:  1) topics should be of interest to a broad section of our residents and homeowners, and 2) topics should be positive and helpful in nature.  Please don’t let worries about writing style or spelling or something like that stop you from contributing.  The newsletter genie can help with that.  Just email the story as an attachment to: website@casafiestatownhouses.com

Common Area Questions
  • Why aren't the security gates closed on the south alley?
    CF unfortunately cannot close the south alley gates at present. It is not because we do not want to close them, but rather we are prevented from doing so by the owner-residents of the single-family homes immediately to the south of CF on Hazelwood STREET. Our south alley legally constitutes shared service and Phoenix city trash collection access for the Hazelwood Street residents. For us to be able to close the gates, the Hazelwood Street owners would have to agree to allow it and consent to having their trash pick-up take place from the fronts of their homes at the Hazelwood curbside. This permission they have persistently denied to grant despite our repeated attempts to secure their consent over the years. Until our association can collectively convince these owners to grant the closure permission, the gates must remain open per municipal regulation.
  • Why can't I leave my couch or other items near the dumpster in case someone else wants it?
    These items are unsightly, and unlike the City, Casa Fiesta does NOT provide quarterly large-size trash removal.  Mattresses, furniture, appliances, carpeting, and other large items are NOT to be left in the alleys or near dumpsters.  CF residents are responsible for the removal of all large items.  If residents are unable to take such items to Goodwill or some other charity, they must pay to have this done.   Most contractors or delivery companies will haul these items away when installing/delivering new items.  For help with large item removal, go to https://www.goodwillaz.org/donate-your-things/ or call 1-800-586-5872 for a free estimate.  More info on large item removal and recycling is available under Community Links on this website.
  • Why can't my carpet cleaner put the waste water in the driveway gutters or on the lawn?
    Both Maricopa County and City of Phoenix codes PROHIBIT the disposal of carpet cleaning waste water into the storm drains.  Such waste water contains chemicals, solvents, and soaps, and, if allowed to drain from your home onto CF drives and gutters, ends up in storm drains, and eventually into our lakes and rivers. In addition, CF’s “Water Use Policy”  specifically prohibits running water onto driveways and common areas.
    Before YOU select a professional carpet cleaner, find out how they plan to dispose of the waste water. If they plan to use the street, gutter or storm drain for disposal because, “we’ve always done it that way” or “our chemicals are nontoxic”, call another company. 
    A reputable business will have a proper plan for handling the waste they create, such as hauling the waste water to a waste-water treatment plant, or using a strainer to filter out debris and then disposing of filtered water in the sewer system through a sink, toilet, or washing machine drain pipe.  Residents who clean their own carpets are subject to the same requirements for disposal of waste water.  Residents who allow a carpet cleaning company to dispose of waste water onto the drives at CF will be fined.
  • Why can't my children play sports in the common areas?
    On November 18, 2004, due to the many problems arising from such activity, the following rules were adopted by the Board.  
    1. Sports, such as football, baseball, soccer, and the like are not authorized in the common areas, to include the playground.
    2. Baseball bats, game bats of any kind, hockey sticks, golf clubs and like equipment are banned from the common areas, to include the playground.
    3. Except for possession of such game equipment solely during direct, immediate, and prompt ingress and egress (to/from Casa Fiesta) from one’s residence for the purpose of use of the equipment off-site, no resident (or any guest) may possess such equipment in the common areas.
    Complaints resulting from such activities have included:
    • Damage to lawns, trees, and sprinklers
    • Noise
    • Balls hitting doors and windows,
    • Balls hitting walls hard enough to knock down pictures, damage paint on walls
    • Danger to others, particularly small children
    • Vandalism to playground equipment by children using bats
    • Off-site people coming on premises to participate in such activities       
    Remember that the nearby Mark Atkinson Recreation Center is located at 4535 N. 23rd Avenue, and it has room for sports like football, baseball, soccer, etc. This recreation center is a terrific place for these kinds of activities.  For more information on the MARC, see Community Links under Things to Do.
  • Why can/t I temporarily place a Bounce House on the common area?
    Bounce Houses are not allowed.  Both placing and removing a heavy Bounce House requires driving a truck onto the common area, causing damage to the common area lawn, plantings, and sprinkler system.  In addition, driving any vehicle/car on the common area for any reason is never authorized as doing so endangers small children who play there.  Lastly, allowing a Bounce House may raise liability issues for Casa Fiesta.  A Resolution disallowing Bounce Houses (Closed Inflatible Trampolines) was adopted by the Board on May 21, 2015.

  • How do I file a rules violation complaint (barking dog, someone parking in my parking spot, resident not picking up dog feces, etc.)?
    The first thing to do is to speak with your neighbor and attempt to resolve the issue together if you can.  Usually this works.  If this doesn't work, please consult the Adjudication and Enforcement page for more information.

Homeowner Responsibilities
  • Do I need to buy Homeowner Water Service Insurance?

    Do Not “Buy” Homeowner Water Service Insurance!

    Casa Fiesta is responsible for, and makes any needed repairs to, water service lines that deliver water to CF units that connect from the City of Phoenix.  The City is responsible for making repairs to City water service lines that connect to CF’s water service lines. 

    Homeowners, Beware of mailers you receive that attempt to get you to buy individual homeowner water service insurance.  You do NOT need this insurance.

  • How do I get a copy of Casa Fiesta's Certificate of Insurance?
    A copy of the most recent Certificate of Insurance from Casa Fiesta's Blanket Insurance Carrier can be found on the Documents page under Insurance.
  • What elements of my townhouse unit am I responsible for repairing and maintaining?
    Casa Fiesta's CC&R's describe in detail responsibilities of homeowners and the responsibilities of the Casa Fiesta Townhouse Association related to maintenance and repair of individual units.  The following information acts as an "index" to the CC&R's, the document a homeowner should consult to obtain information on this subject.
    Property to be managed by Association.  The Association shall maintain and manage all property up to the exterior building lines and patio enclosures, including but not limited to: Landscaping, Parking areas, Streets, Recreational facilities, Roofs, Common elements, Exteriors of buildings (except windows, doors, window fixtures, & hardware of townhouse units) AND such additional maintenance of buildings as Board shall determine in the best interests of the association.
    Individual unit owner responsibility.  All maintenance and repair of the individual townhouse units shall be the sole obligation and expense of individual unit owners, except to the extent the exterior maintenance and repair is provided by the Association.
    Homeowner responsibility.  Interior of townhouse and all other areas, features or parts not otherwise maintained by the Association.
    What is “within" a townhouse. All fixtures and equipment installed within a townhouse, commencing at a point where the utility lines, pipes, wires, conduits or systems enter the exterior walls of a townhouse.
    Homeowners should also be aware of Sewer Maintenance Insurance Policy adopted in 2003, the Shed Maintenance Repair Policy adopted in 2004, the Unit Maintenance Standards Policy adopted in 2008, the Unit Maintenance Standards Considerations adopted in 2009, and the Repairs to Unit Water Intake Pipes Policy adopted in 2017.
  • What kind of insurance coverage should I purchase for my townhouse?
    Casa Fiesta's CC&R's describe in detail the responsibilities of homeowners and the responsibilities of the Casa Fiesta Townhouse Association as it relates to insurance coverage. The following information acts as an "index" to the CC&R's, the document a homeowner should consult to obtain information on this subject.
    Re homeowner insurance: Premiums p 14
    It shall be the individual responsibility of each homeowner at his own expense to insure his own townhouse unit for his own benefit and carry any and all other insurance he deems advisable.
    Homeowner insurance re liability and personal property p 14
    It shall be the individual responsibility of each owner, at his own expense, to provide as he sees fit, homeowner’s  liability insurance, theft and other insurance covering personal property damage/loss.
    For more information, including the Certificate of Insurance from CF's Blanket Insurance Carrier, also consult the Documents page under Insurance.

  • A/C: My Air Conditioner/Heat Pump needs repair. What should I do?
    All air conditioners and/or heat pumps are owned by, and must be maintained by, the homeowner, not Casa Fiesta (see the FAQ under Homeowner Responsibilities, above).  If you schedule a repairman who must access the roof, be sure to notify Operations Officer Dave Scott.  See also the FAQ under Roofs, below, for more information.
  • Garbage: The garbage container in my area is overflowing. What should I do?
    You can take your garbage to another nearby container.  To help prevent this problem, please be sure to cut up all cardboard boxes.  And if you have carpet replaced, please be sure your installer takes it away with them.  All commercial items: carpet, water heaters, mattresses, etc., may NOT be left inside or near CF trash containers.  These items are the responsibility of individual residents.  There are several companies that haul away appliances for free -- just google free haul away in Phoenix.
  • Gutters: The gutter on my roof is leaking. Who do I call?
    Repairs, whether for gutters on your roof or on your shed, are a homeowner responsibility.  Any gutters on the roofs  were put on by previous owners, not by Casa Fiesta.  Remember that in order to work properly, all gutters need to be cleaned out periodically (a homeowner responsibility).
  • Maintenance -- Confusion over Maintenance, Complaints, Emergencies, etc.
    It is easy to get confused about what is a responsibility of the Casa Fiesta Maintenance Staff, and what is not.  In addition, sometimes problems with playground behavior or parking issues also get wrongly mixed up with the responsibilities of the Maintenance Staff.  And beyond that, sometimes homeowners mistakenly believe that the Staff has some responsibility to fix problems that occur inside an individual unit.  So, in an attempt to straighten out the confusion, here is a handy overview to help clear up some of the confusion.
  • Roaches: I am having some trouble with roaches inside my unit. Who should I call?
    To control roaches and other pests, residents should get their own pesticide application to the interior of their units each month. If you want to utilize Western Exterminators (Casa Fiesta's exterminator for our Common Areas) for pesticide application to your own unit (costs $20), contact Mark at 480-961-4400 (office number). Mark is regularly scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month. Residents may contact Maintenance Supervisor Dave Scott and he will introduce them to Mark, and at that time, they can go ahead and schedule directly with Mark.
  • Security Gates: Will the north security gate be repaired?
    The Board has determined not to repair the gates because vehicle gates were being damaged by people inside the complex.  As CF did not know who caused the damage, CF could not collect damages from the culprits, and CF can not afford to repeatedly replace and/or repair these expensive gates.  For more specific information, please read the Casa Fiesta NEWS article entitled Security Gates: Discussion at February 2011 Board Meeting.
  • Sewers: I have noticed a sewer "odor" near my townhouse. What should I do?
    See the information provided in Casa Fiesta's Sewers:  Inspection, Maintenance, and Insurance Policy.  Generally speaking, Casa Fiesta is reponsible for the main sewer lines, and homeowners are responsible for the feeder lines that run from the main sewer line to each individual townhome.  You may request that maintenance check the main lines, but if your downstairs toilet begins flushing "slowly," you should call your plumber "quickly."
  • Sewers: My downstairs toilet is backing up. What should I do?
    ASAP: Call your plumber.  Homeowners are responsible for the cost of repairs.  In addition, notify Maintenance Supervisor Dave Scott and advise him of the date and time a plumber is to arrive so that maintenance staff may assist with mainline cleanout if applicable. Consult the Casa Fiesta's Sewers: Inspections, Maintenance, and Insurance Policy for specific information about 1) Casa Fiesta's responsibilities for main sewer lines, 2) homeowner responsibilities for feeder lines that run from the main sewer line to each individual townhome, and if applicable, 3) how to request reimbursement if your plumber finds tree roots in the feeder lines.
  • Shed Lights: Where do I get replacement bulbs for shed lights?
    The bulbs for the shed lights are a homeowner responsibility and may be purchased at Home Depot. The globes are removed in two ways, depending on which version you have, either by twisting counter-clockwise or by simply pulling down. If, after replacing your bulb, you still have problems with your shed fixture, notify maintenance using the Contact Us page and they will check it to see if a new fixture (a maintenance responsibility) is in order.  Hint: be sure the switch to your light has been turned on before replacing the bulb, or contacting Maintenance.
  • Sheds: I am a new owner and would like my shed repaired. What do I do?
    Please notify Maintenance using the Contact Us page.   For more details, see the Shed Maintenance & Repairs Policy.
    Once Maintenance has completed all the shed repair requests (and, as a consequence, the cycle of shed repairs available at this point in CF’s history under the temporary exception in the shed policy that permitted the repairs comes to an end), CF will no longer be available on request to provide free labor for shed repairs—that is, unless and until (maybe in another 40-45 years) the Board decides to create another temporary exception to the shed policy. Owners, as stated in the shed policy, will be responsible for all shed repairs.  Please contact Mr. Scott immediately if you wish to take advantage of the free labor (homeowners are responsible the cost of materials) for shed repairs while it is still available.  Note: As of July 2013, shed repairs are temporarily on hold while maintenance staff paints the fronts of the buildings.
  • Termites: What do I do if I see signs of termites in my shed or townhouse unit?
    Homeowners are responsible for treating termites in their units or sheds.  It is imperative that homeowners move forward quickly with treating termites.  Please notify Dave Scott so that he is aware of the problem, and can look for signs of termites outside neighboring units.  Additionally, neighbors in the same building of any infested unit should be notified.  Neighbors may also wish to pursue treatment because once termites are treated at one unit, they tend to move to neighboring units.  

  • What may I plant on my patio?
    There are several flora (plants or trees) that may not be planted in your patio: castor bean trees, cactus, mulberry trees, mimosas, and palm trees exceeding 6 feet in height.  In addition, patio plantings must not present a safety hazard, an inordinate obstacle to cleanliness, a possible threat to the integrity of association structures, or potential infringement of neighboring residents’ right of enjoyment of their own property.  Planting prohibited flora, or not maintaining patio plantings may result in fines and/or removal of such flora.  Please see recently approved Resolution Prohibiting Certain Flora Types for more information.

  • Can I vote if I am behind on my maintenance payments?
    No, homeowners who are behind on their maintenance or other payments (including fines), may not vote in the annual elections.   This is because Casa Fiesta's CC&Rs (Article III, Section 2) states: “In the event any townhouse unit owner shall be in arrears in the payment of any amounts due under any provisions of this Declaration for a period of fifteen (15) days, or shall be in default in the performance of any of the terms of this Declaration for a period of fifteen (15) days, said unit owners right to vote as a member of the CASA FIESTA TOWNHOUES CORP. shall be suspended and shall remain suspended until all payments are brought current and all defaults remedied.”
  • Why can't I make monthly payments online?
    Online payments are NOT available.  For a detailed explanation see Online Payments -- Recommendations Against.

  • What are the best dog breeds that fit the 25-pound limit?
    It is so tempting to buy that tiny puppy with the liquid brown eyes that, when an adult, ends up larger than the 25-pound size limit, thus requiring removal by Casa Fiesta’s dog rules.  So what are the best dog breeds that meet the size limits?  Consider one of these:
    · Beagle
    · Boston Terrier, (or Yorkshire, Jack Russell,  Irish, Scottish, etc.)
    · Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    · Chihuahua
    · French Bulldog
    · Italian Greyhound
    · Maltese
    · Pekinese
    · Pug
    · Shiba Inu or Shih Tzu
    · Or a “miniature” or “toy” breed such as a Miniature Poodle
    Also consider the breed’s exercise needs, grooming needs, personality, and tendency to bark.  For more info see  http://www.nextdaypets.com/directory/breeds/  Also check Casa Fiesta's Canines & Other Pets Policy.

  • How does an off-site owner comply with Assignment of Rights provisions for renters?
    Off-site owners must make certain that their tenants have copies of the Declarations and Rules and Regulations (see Governing Documents and Policies & Rules on the Documents page) so there will be no misunderstanding as to what obligations the tenant has when using the common area facilities.  In addition, the Assignment of Common Area Rights form must be completed and submitted to Operations Manager Dave Scott.   Renters are also encouraged to register with and utilize the Casa Fiesta website.  Renters should be aware that for each townhouse unit only 2 parking spaces are available, and that only 2 dogs no bigger than 25 pounds are allowed.

Roof Installations: Cable or A/C
  • Can I get a cable or satellite dish installed on my unit?
    The answer is yes, you may install a cable or satellite dish on your unit.  However, it is imperative that you notify Operations Manager Dave Scott prior to such an installation so that he may coordinate and monitor the installation to ensure that the installation does not damage the common roof of the building. The Cable/Satellite Authorization Form is available on the CF website under Documents — Cable & Satellite Installation.
    To explain further, because roofs of individual units are common to each building and are maintained by Casa Fiesta, damage to the roof of one unit may impact the integrity of the roof for the entire building (damage to one part of the building may result in a leak in another part of the building, impacting other residents).  Costs for repairing any damages caused by the installation will be charged to the homeowner purchasing the dish.  Coordinating the installation with Mr. Scott is intended to prevent damages, and the problems they can cause both the homeowner and Casa Fiesta.  In addition to supervising the installation of the dish on the roof, Mr. Scott must supervise the placement of cables.

    To illustrate the potential problem, Mr. Scott described an installation of a dish on the roof that occurred without notification in about 2005:  The installer scraped a hole through the roof foam down to the wood of the roof, and then drilled holes into the wood to secure the dish.  The dish was actually placed above the unit of the homeowner’s neighbor, causing a leak there, requiring a $400 repair which was paid by the homeowner.  Believe it or not, the installer came back to redo the installation (again without coordinating the service with Mr. Scott), and installed the dish the same way, this time above the roof of the homeowner purchasing the dish.  Again the roof needed a $400 repair, again paid by the homeowner purchasing the dish.
  • I'm having my A/C repaired. Should I notify Maintenance because the repairman will be on the roof?
    Yes.  Because roofs of individual units are common to each building and are maintained by Casa Fiesta, damage to the roof of one unit may impact the integrity of the roof for the entire building (damage in one area may cause leaks in another area).  Any time service of an on-roof item (air conditioner, or other on-roof item) is required, residents must notify Maintenance Supervisor Dave Scott prior to the service in order to allow maintenance staff to inspect for any damage to the roofs that may be caused by the service.  Any such damage is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Swimming Pool
  • I would like to bring guests to the swimming pool. Is that OK?
    The number of guests a resident may bring to the swimming pool is limited to 3.  Other use limits apply, for example, "An owner of record or, in the case of renters, an assignment of rights signee, must accompany family or guests using the pool."  Please carefully read the Swimming Pool Regulations.

Vehicles / Cars
  • Can I wash or repair my car on premises?
    No.  Casa Fiesta prohibits washing or repairing vehicles on premises due to the deterioration of the drives and water waste.  Violators are subject to fines.  See also Water Use Policy and Vehicles- Parking and Maintenance -20180920.
  • Where should I park my 3rd vehicle?
    The simplest answer is to park it along 21st Avenue.  Or, if there is a shared space between you and your neighbor's townhouse, then you may ask for written permission from your neighbor to use the shared space for your car.  The two guest parking lots are for temporary guest parking only.  For more details explaining the parking policy, please consult Casa Fiesta's policy entitled Vehicles- Parking and Maintenance -20180920.