Casa Fiesta Townhouses Corporation, with its wide-open spaces, mature trees, and large swimming pool, is a hidden gem
right in the heart of Phoenix, near both the light rail and I-17.

This website is a resource for the Casa Fiesta Townhouses community.
All Casa Fiesta homeowners and residents are encouraged to register.
   News and Events   
January 20, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda and the January Casa Fiesta NEWS
Click for the January 20, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda and the January Casa Fiesta NEWS. IMPORTANT: This month‘s board meeting will take place IN THE CLUBHOUSE at 6:30pm. Support Documents for the meeting will be available to registered members on the website's Board Meeting page.
IMPORTANT: Annual meeting packets and ballots will be mailed out the week following the January 20 meeting. Please turn in your voted ballot 1 week BEFORE the annual meeting. All voted ballots must be received via mail or email, or in the clubhouse drop box or CF office, no later than 1 week prior to the February 17 meeting so that a required quorum of at least 40% of 154 (62) homeowners’ ballots will be assured at the meeting. Turning in your ballot on time is essential. Without a quorum, Casa Fiesta can not transact business. A Board can't be seated. Checks can't be signed. Bills can't be paid. 
Be sure to read the newsletter for:
  • Articles entitled "4 Board Seats up for Election," "Announcements," and "Questions about Casa Fiesta? Use the Website First"
  • December's Board Meeting Highlights
  • Maintenance Report, Administration Report, and Adjudication & Enforcement Report
Resident homeowners in good standing (owing no fees or fines) are encouraged to run for one of the 4 board seats up for election at the annual meeting in February. We are grateful to those who are willing to serve. Here's your chance to make a difference. 
Strategic Plan for Casa Fiesta Adopted 5/20/2021 (revised 7/15/2021)
The Casa Fiesta Board adopted the Strategic Plan for Property Management and Maintenance for the Casa Fiesta Townhouses Corporation at the meeting held May 20, 2021 (available on the Documents page of the CF website.) See the May 2021 Casa Fiesta NEWS front-page article for a detailed description of the plan's development and purpose. The entire Casa Fiesta community owes President George Pavia heartfelt thanks for both his expertise as a technical writer, and his willingness to put in countless hours toward the creation of this strategic plan. He was assisted by Operations Manager Dave Scott and Communications Chair Karlene Edwards, and by input from the CF community via the website blog related to 5-year planning/ strategic planning.
The strategic plan was subsequently revised on July 15, 2021 to include additional provisions that were not in the original May 20 version.
2021 Annual President's Report
Click 2021 Annual President's Report for an in-depth look at the Business, Accomplishments, and Future goals of Casa Fiesta. The report includes valuable statistics regarding our Casa Fiesta’s property values, foreclosures, and rentals, plus Maintenance and repair topics, Security-related issues, Adjudication and enforcement matters, Association communications, Forecast and Challenges. President's Reports going back to 2004 are available on the Documents page of the website. The 2021 Presidents Report is also available as a PowerPoint Presentation
Check out the helpful FAQ's
If you're looking for info on anything from Appurtenances (Additions or Alterations) to Complaints, from Insurance to Parking, check out the more than 30 FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Casa Fiesta website.
Monthly Board Meetings
Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Casa Fiesta Clubhouse.  Residents are invited to attend.  If residents wish to speak to an agenda item, or to request that an item be placed on a future agenda, see information provided on the Board Meetings page.  Upcoming meeting agendas are posted on the Documents page.  Board Meeting Highlights are published in the monthly Casa Fiesta NEWS, also found on the Documents page.
Monthly Newsletters
The Casa Fiesta NEWS is published monthly.  The latest issue, along with recent issues, are available on the Documents page.  Included:  Board Meeting Highlights, Maintenance Reports, Adjudication & Enforcement Reports, and other current news stories.