Casa Fiesta Townhouse Corporation, with its wide-open spaces, mature trees, and large swimming pool, is a hidden gem
right in the heart of Phoenix, near both the light rail and I-17.

This website is a resource for the Casa Fiesta Townhouse community.
All Casa Fiesta homeowners and residents are encouraged to register.
News and Events
April 25, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda and the April Casa Fiesta NEWS
  • Be sure to read Board Secretary Tom Drisler's very helpful article entitled Where Would the Water Money Go? in this month's newsletter.
  • The documents detailing the important Initiative to Submeter Casa Fiesta for water and sewer costs should have been received (by certified mail or in-person) by all homeowners. They are also available on the CF website under Documents -- Water Sewer Submetering Plan.
  • Please go ahead and approve both the submetering and reserve fund amendments to the CC&Rs by signing the approval form and giving it to Dave, or turning it in using the clubhouse dropbox. The sooner the amendments are approved, the sooner we can address the problem of dramatically increasing water/sewer costs.
Check out the helpful FAQ's
If you're looking for info on anything from Appurtenances (Additions or Alterations) to Complaints, from Insurance to Parking, check out the more than 30 FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Casa Fiesta website.
Monthly Board Meetings
Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Casa Fiesta Clubhouse.  Residents are invited to attend.  If residents wish to speak to an agenda item, or to request that an item be placed on a future agenda, see information provided on the Board Meetings page.  Upcoming meeting agendas are posted on the Documents page.  Board Meeting Highlights are published in the monthly Casa Fiesta NEWS, also found on the Documents page.
Monthly Newsletters
The Casa Fiesta NEWS is published monthly.  The latest issue, along with recent issues, are available on the Documents page.  Included:  Board Meeting Highlights, Maintenance Reports, Adjudication & Enforcement Reports, and other current news stories.

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