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Posted on December 9, 2020 11:20 AM by Admin
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CF Residents may post (click Add Comment) suggestions for CF's strategic plan for prioritizing needs of the complex. (Your post will appear as soon as approved. Posts may be edited/shortened by website manager.)
Posted on November 2, 2020 8:26 AM by Admin
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ALERT: Thieves targeting package deliveries at Casa Fiesta!! Try:
  • Receiving deliveries over LOCKED patio fence.
  • Directing UPS and FEDEX online for desired delivery locations and delivery alerts 
  • Put a sign on your mailbox directing USPS to deliver packages over LOCKED patio fence
Posted on April 1, 2020 3:43 PM by Admin
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Important Information regarding COVID-19 and the March 31 Arizona Stay-at-Home Order Impact on Casa Fiesta Residents and Homeowners will be kept regularly updated on the COVID-19 INFO page link at the top of the CF website menu.
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REMEMBER: Monthly Maintenance Fees INCREASE from $194.00 to $197.00 on Jan 1, 2021 Be sure to notify your bank of the change, if you use Direct Pay or a similar payment method.
Posted on December 12, 2018 5:07 PM by Admin
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Do Not “Buy” Homeowner Water Service Insurance!

Casa Fiesta is responsible for, and makes any needed repairs to, water service lines that deliver water to CF units that connect from the City of Phoenix.  The City is responsible for making repairs to City water service lines that connect to CF’s water service lines.  Homeowners, Beware of mailers you receive that attempt to get you to buy individual homeowner water service insurance.  You do NOT need this insurance.