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Posted on August 27, 2018 6:01 PM by Dave Scott, Operations Manager
Categories: Grounds Update
Block Wall Damage:
I have received the police report regarding the accident that caused the wall damage to the Northwest perimeter wall. All the information is contained in the report and we will begin the Insurance Claims process against the responsible parties.
Major Tree Pruning:
The mesquite tree and a fallen hanging branch of the Sumac tree in the Northwest section are currently being trimmed back. The mesquite is a large tree and will take a few days to prune and cleanup. We will begin the pickup of the branching immediately. This is good BBQ wood that is already seasoned and ready to burn. If you want some for your BBQ, help yourselves to it. It will take most of the week to complete. We are spacing out the cleanup so we do not overfill the dumpsters and leave some space for residents.